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On this day in Kent

What has happened on this day in Kent over the years, with the occasional smile.

Covering major international events to the tiniest bit of trivia, it is amazing how many aspects of life have changed over the years, and equally amazing, how many things have remained the same.

This is an ongoing project which I hope to expand. Still a lot of work going on behind the scenes!

Make gloves, not war

April 22, 1966

Notice outside a Maidstone exhibition marquee said: “Demonstration by Women’s Institutes — Glovemaking.” But East Kent chairman Mrs. Helen Paine told W.I. members at Canterbury on Monday: “Some wag removed the first G. It certainly got a lot of people in!”

Sleeping car

April 22, 1962

Uninvited guests of British Railways spent the night in a train standing at a Margate siding. Waking up, they paid a visit to the buffet car before leaving. From there they took £25 worth of spirits and chocolate.

New store opened

April 22, 1954

The new Barretts store opens in Canterbury, on the site now occupied by Metro bank. Magician David Nixon performed the opening


April 22, 1949

Four of eight prizes offered at a whist drive held at Monkton Men’s Institute were won by Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Smith, Miss Smith and Mr. Smith. They are not related.

Sanctimonious humbug

April 22, 1938

Labourer Norman Dobson received a year hard labour for bigamy, marrying a Margate woman in 1929 while already married. DS McPhail described him as a ‘sanctimonious humbug’ as Dobson donned robes and claimed to be an ex-monk. He had been a handyman at St. George’s College. Addlestone, in 1932.

Pier destroyed

April 22, 1918

Ramsgate Pier destroyed by exploding mine

Suffragette Alarm

April 22, 1913

A ‘Suffragette Alarm,’ consisting of wires, which, when touched, would explode a small gun, was devised by the Grove Bowling Club at Tunbridge Wells to protect the green and pavilion.

Body found

April 22, 1867

The body of 68 yr old Joseph Guest was found in the river Stour, Canterbury. It is thought he fell in the river while returning from the Plough in Pound Lane (now a private house) on 3rd April